Why Yoga is essential to your well-being, and spiritual growth right now.

You've been given strong advice to practice yoga and other forms of fitness This card serves as further proof. Moving your body is vital in achieving your goals or goals. It helps you gain the vitality and energy which will allow you to begin and finish your tasks. It allows you to be open to new and innovative ideas. Yoga cleanses and expands the chakras so you are able to hear the angelic guidance of our guides clearly and loudly. Yoga can also help a busy mind to be quiet to allow it to listen to God's voice. Heaven.

Even if you're scared with exercise or yoga I can help to make it easier. If you contact me to help, I'll aid you in tailoring your exercise routine to suit your lifestyle, preferences, and fitness level. This guidance will be provided through repetitive thoughts and feelings but as a result of information on fitness or yoga that comes out from out of the blue'. I'm sure that you're busy however I'm confident that the boost in energy that you'll experience when you exercise will allow you an extra hour in the course of a single day.

In just five or Eight repetitions this movement is quick and efficient enough to do at any time, whether it's midday, morning as well as when you awake in the early morning. But, Anice recommends starting the day by doing it.

Here are the step by step instructions:

  1. Keep your feet in a straight line and shoulder-width between them. Make sure to keep a slightly bent knee.
  2. Inhale one-third the capacity of your lungs through your nose. Your arms should be raised to your chest and keep them to your shoulders.
  3. Continue to inhale until you are at two-thirds capacity. Spread your arms out towards the side, similar to wings, extending them to shoulder level.
  4. Inhale until you reach your maximum capacity. Then, you can swing your arms parallel to your head and up over it while your palms face each opposite.
  5. Breathe in your mouth and exhale completely (make the "HA" sound), extend your knees with your legs while you fold them forward and then move your arms back to the side behind you.

"Find a peaceful rhythmic pace that feels good," she says. "Never force or strain." Patients with hypertension or head or eye injuries should stay clear of this technique and instead focus on more relaxed breathing. If you experience dizziness, the procedure should stop and go back to regular breathing.

The benefits of this movement

"When we are anxious and stressed, breathing typically becomes shallow in the chest," Anice informs mbg. "Shifting to three-part breath (which is a full complete breath done by inhaling deep into the low belly, into the rib cage, then the chest), is an excellent way to calm the mind, reconnect to the body, and cultivate presence," she adds.

Alongside three-part breathing the exercise also incorporates arm moves that help temporarily boost the sympathetic nerve system by increasing the oxygen levels throughout the bloodstream she says. Exhaling deeply after strong inhalations help release tension and stress in the body.

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